Advertising opportunities

At Yaffa Media, it’s our job to serve you up an audience of hungry consumers by the most efficient and effective means possible.

We do this by taking a holistic approach to our brands and channels.

Once your brand, product or service is hooked in to Yaffa Media, you have access to our full suite of advertising and promotional resources and expertise, whether it be a traditional ad in our magazines or on our websites, or direct mail to our postal or email databases, a custom content campaign; or our favourite, an integrated campaign using multiple elements.

We can guarantee you these hungry consumers because we produce nothing but the most interesting, relevant and entertaining content, via the channel that suits them best.

This keeps them coming back for more.

Engaging media meets inspired content.

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To begin a discussion about promoting your brand, products or services across Yaffa Media’s portfolio, please begin by contacting the National Advertising Manager of the most relevant brand.

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