Careers at Yaffa Media

    Our staff are our biggest resource and our competitive advantage, and as such, we’re always looking for the best.

    As a growing multi-media company, expanding into new and innovative channels and technologies, we’re always on the look out for potential employees with various knowledge, skills and abilities to take us in new and exciting directions.

    As an employee you can look forward to a challenging role and the freedom to make it your own, to drive your own success – plus a great organisational culture, and working environment.

    If you have the right attitude and excel in any of the following areas, just to list a few, we want to hear from you.

    • Editorial and communications
    • Sales and business development
    • Advertising production and scheduling
    • Design
    • Website/digital development and administration
    • Marketing

    Internships at Yaffa Media

    Because Australia’s media environment is so dynamic, and Yaffa Media is always looking for opportunities for growth, we can always do with a hand and welcome interns.

    Having an internship is a great way to strengthen your CV, learn some valuable knowledge, skills and abilities through hands-on experience, and make some valuable connections.

    If you are a tertiary student, or in the progress of changing careers, and are looking to work in the areas of editorial, website management, marketing and design, an internship at Yaffa Media may be your opportunity to set yourself apart from other job applicants.

    Current available jobs