The Classics

Our Vision

The challenge for any cycling event is to continue to improve and innovate, our vision is to ensure the rider experience keeps getting better. We have a large community of many different kinds of readers, united by a single interest. Why not bring them together to celebrate our passion of cycling?

Who Are We?

Bicycling Australia holds the largest platform of cycling events in Australia.

Set in stunning tourist destinations, within two hours’ drive of our major metropolitan cities, making them easily accessible for the urban dweller.

We target the hearts and wallets of a well-educated, high net worth group of influential and affluent people, who care about their quality of life, their community and their families.

Unlike other cycling events which can be limited by their focus on elite riders, a singular charity or family day out, ours is an ALL-inclusive platform. We cater for riders of all levels, all charitable causes and openly encourage community and corporate involvement.

Backed by the marketing power of one of Australia’s largest independent media companies, Yaffa Media, and awarded the 2017 Best New Event and Best Community Event* we guarantee you a winning partnership.

*The Australian Event Awards are considered the most prestigious award in the events industry. In 2017 the Bowral Classic took out the coveted award for Best New Event and Best Community Event, surpassing other finalists in the same category such as the Sydney Royal Easter Show and Usain Bolt of the Nitro Athletics.


“You Decide, You Choose” – a truly unique approach to cycling event fundraising, we give each rider the opportunity to fundraise for a cause they are passionate about.

To date, across all of our events, riders have raised over $300,000 for charities of their choice – Black Dog Institute, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, RUOK?, The Kids Cancer Project – just to name a few.

All charities can participate and use the Classic events to raise much needed funds for a variety of great causes.


The Bowral Classic, Noosa Classic, Clare Classic, Mudgee Classic, and Snowy Classic are unrivalled Australian Gran Fondo experiences. Each event offers a glorious day riding through some of Australia’s most picturesque regions. The events attract cyclists from all corners of Australia.

Noosa Classic

DATE: 14 August 2022
DISTANCES: 160km, 120km and 65km

Bowral Classic

DATE: 15 – 16 October 2022
DISTANCES: 150km, 120km, 85km and 35km + Dirty Bowral Gravel Ride + The Crit

Snowy Classic

DATE: 26 March 2022
DISTANCES: 170km, 110km

Mudgee Classic

DATE: 1 May 2022
DISTANCES: 180km, 130km, 70km and 40km

Clare Classic

DISTANCES: 160km, 110km and 50km

About Bicycling Australia

Bicycling Australia is Australia’s premium road cycling media brand, published by Yaffa Media, one of Australia’s largest independent media companies. Yaffa Media consists of 28 consumer and B2B media brands, that are each fully integrated and collectively provide access to more than 3,000,000 obsessed readers in print and online.

Produced by riders for riders, Bicycling Australia taps into the Australian riding culture with features and local and international content that speaks directly to our audience. It is the magazine of choice for road cyclists looking for high quality information and entertaining articles that will help them become better riders.

Our Audience

70% male

89% are aged 40+

64% have a $100k+ annual income

80% ride over 5 hours a week

50% ride a race bike and 50% ride an endurance bike

73% have made a purchase based on editorial/advertising

87% are influenced by reviews

70% ride 5,000 to 15,000 km a year

85% ride in organised events

45% buy the best equipment possible

50% own bikes valued at $5k+


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